Dantel Art, LLC


†††††††††††††† Dantel Art, LLC was founded in 2000 by Dr. Daniel Tellez Jr., PhD, a Colorado native and award winning artist.Dr. Tellez is known for his precision style of pencil drawing and hopes to release an instructional DVD, in the near future, to demonstrate and teach his precision techniques for drawing and shading.As an avid sports fan, Dr. Tellez has worked with several professional athletes on many business projects and charity/fundraising events.

†††††††††††††† Dantel Art, LLC has many business partners, throughout the US.Among those partners are Legends of the Field, Now and Then Digital Imaging, Mounted Memories (Westminster, CO) and Key Collectables.We offer exciting and cost effective wholesale opportunities and are always interested in getting our products into physical store fronts as we are told our products are even more impressive, ďup-close and in real lifeĒ.


Hello Friends,

The opportunity to share my passion for drawing and sports is one of my greatest joys in life.As an avid Denver Broncos fan, as well as Colorado sports enthusiast, Iíve enjoyed meeting and working with several professional athletes.We have some incredible business partners that help us to bring our products to you in unique and exciting ways and we are grateful to each an every one of them for helping us to build our Dantel Art brand.

We are always mindful that our customers have, literally millions of choices with how to spend their money, so we are always honored when people choose to spend their money on our products and we donít take this lightly.If you ever have a problem, question, concern or request, please donít hesitate to contact us directly at dan@dantelart.com.

Art is to be enjoyed, so we hope you have fun browsing our inventory.We are always happy to review requests for new products and prioritize those by marketability.I thank you for your business and sincerely hope that my work brings you enjoyment and satisfaction.

Thank you,


Dr. Daniel Tellez Jr., PhD.

Owner/Founder of Dantel Art, LLC